A few words about the wedding videos of Lulumeli 


"I use the camera lens to capture authentic moments and emotions during the most beautiful moments of your life. The look is simple and organic. I do  come from a  cinematic environment. I am in love with my work. Maybe you can  blame the fact that I am a woman. "

"The imagery is inspired by natural elements and human senses, water, light, motion, image authenticity, romantic and intimate feelings - creating dreamy shots that reflect the essence  of a real vintage documentary wedding. Here are some favourite wedding videos, click to view them in HD, with sound on  in a peaceful environment" 

New York is an oil painting. The best bribe which New York offers to the imagination, is, that, in such a vast variety of people and conditions, one can believe there is room for persons of romantic character to exist, just like Ιlias & Cathrine, and that the poet, the mystic, and the hero may hope to confront their counterparts. We came on a homage to capture the love and magic in every corner of the five boroughs, through the eyes of couple and their loving circle of family and friends. He proposed in Grand Central, the shoot took us all way from Central Park down to the waterfront of Brooklyn Bridge. From the luminous church in Paramus, to the luscious Venetian, the sprawling metropolis provided the backdrop to create our own story. A city is nothing without its people. What lies before us is a tiny matter compared of what lies within us. The “Farrshoulis” family as I lovingly call them, embraced us, we became one with their personal universe in nature & soul, the lively sisters, the loving parents the wild brothers. It was a teary-eyed affair, with toothy smiles, enthusiasm an all-round old-fashioned ceremonial occasion. Every inch of this film is full of passion and feeling, just look at the last minutes of this film the look in their eyes. Unforgettable. Shot and edited by Christina Ava Second shooter Glenn Elliott Photography Christos Kapatos www.lulumeli.com Thank you to Maria Avgitidis, this film could not have been possible without her
Kalliroi & Yiorgos wedding in Monemvasia

I made this wedding film, inspired by the love of my family. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful & happy couple. Marriage and family life is a new beginning, a book written by two, a story with many twists and turns. For a romantic like me, a wedding is beautiful introduction to the changes that come. This is my gift to their new life. Shot with care and detail, edited with love and "true grit", I hope you enjoy this wedding film.

Mykonos island wedding film by Christina Ava 

In Greece our love is the sea, we are born in water, and we are lucky enough to spend most of our lives next to it. Every moment of this video brings me a sweet sensation, shot in the island of Mykonos Niki and Vasili are a couple in love and it shows as they illuminate the film with their positive energy.

Shot in one of the most beautiful mountainous landscapes of Greece, Arachova.A true filmic wedding, unforgettable and unique like the couple, Fotini & Yorgos sweet smilling and realizing their dreams. No filters no frills,shot with a bespoke DSO lens with a golden tint , my trusted voightlander pancake 40mm, and canon lenses on two fullframes.

Do fairy's get married? Kostas met Lena a few years ago, we all know how ephemeral and difficult to capture are these creatures. It came natural that they get married in Spring. A dandelion wedding with a renaissance bride in a wedding with emotion like a Botticelli painting.

This CinemaScope small clip, is a present for the beautifull couple, the wide screen can capture the environment and the venue giving it a film look, Shot with a vintage sankor 16 c anamorphic, taking lens pentacon 135mm on a canon full frame. 

Directed by life itself. This video ends with a bang. Very emotional while making it. I really wanted Anca to love this, i hope she does. 

Blueberry and Jasmine, is made with real tears heartache and joy. Edited while I was experiencing a huge change in my life. Its bitter & sweet just like its name.No color was corrected. Shot with 3 cameras, non stop with passion.We shot handheld. Whitebalanced on camera. Its as pure as it gets. Edited almost in camera John Ford style. Real emotion and motion for real people, that dance! dance! dance! when happy and when blue. Hope you enjoy it. 

This short wedding video was made with love and care for a brilliantly luminous couple. Shot with three different cameras and viewpoints in documentary style, its not your usual wedding trailer but a personal diary of a day and night to remember. I edited like it was my personal moments... Being a woman makes me feel closer to the bride so i like to portray the emotion,not just the dress. This is a one in a lifetime event so they deserved the best. The music is by Rhye and a wonderful wedding song composed by Stefanos Korkolis especially for Yiannis and Irene. 

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