A few words about the wedding videos of Lulumeli 


"I use the camera lens to capture authentic moments and emotions during the most beautiful moments of your life. The look is simple and organic. I do come from a  cinematic environment. I am in love with my work. Maybe you can  blame the fact that I am a woman. "

"The imagery is inspired by natural elements and human senses, water, light, motion, image authenticity, romantic and intimate feelings - creating dreamy shots that reflect the essence  of a real vintage documentary wedding. Here are some favourite wedding videos, click to view them in HD, with sound on  in a peaceful environment" 


I love to create cinematic magic for your wedding day. One can describe our video style as artistic, classic and emotional. If you are looking into getting married in Greece, we can help you with advice and our connections to the best wedding planners in Athens, Santorini and the Greek islands. All videography is handled personally by me, so you wont worry about having an assistant showing up the day of your wedding. I am part of a community of respected videographers and photographers in Greece. So you know you are in good hands. I believe your family deserves the best video, so I work for you exactly as I would work for my own family. Putting myself in your shoes, makes everything click together naturally as i film your wedding video.

An amazing summer island wedding by Lulumeli in Ios.

Sometimes we are lucky to witness gentle amazing people falling in love in idyllic places. In Hollywood, hundreds of people (screenwriters, producers, directors and crews) labor to create what I witnessed unfolding before me in a short 3 days of a destination wedding in the Greek island of Ios. My cinematographer was the Greek Sun, my crew was a select group of friends and family, and my stars were Konstantinos and Evangelia. There was nothing fake about falling in love, or in each other’s arms, or in the swimming pool after a huge party This is the reason I adore my work, its real with real people and emotions and im the lucky person to capture it, and bring it to you, no effects no gimmicks. Unaltered wedding cinema. Konstantinos & Evangelia idyllic wedding set on Ios Island. Enjoy

Mykonos island wedding film by Christina Ava 

Destination wedding videography in Mykonos island

A lulumeli film: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye" Its your life and its more beautiful than a movie. Every scene of your film is real, no use of effects or gimmics your wedding documentary is pure feeling, raw visceral and authentic like you.

Do fairy's get married? Kostas met Lena a few years ago, we all know how ephemeral and difficult to capture are these creatures. It came natural that they get married in Spring. A dandelion wedding with a renaissance bride in a wedding with emotion like a Botticelli painting.

This CinemaScope small clip, is a present for the beautifull couple, the wide screen can capture the environment and the venue giving it a film look, Shot with a vintage sankor 16 c anamorphic, taking lens pentacon 135mm on a canon full frame.

www.lulumeli.com Directed by life itself. This video ends with a bang. Very emotional while making it. I really wanted Anca to love this, i hope she does

Blueberry and Jasmine, is made with real tears heartache and joy. Edited while I was experiencing a huge change in my life. Its bitter & sweet just like its name.No color was corrected. Shot with 3 cameras, non stop with passion.We shot handheld. Whitebalanced on camera. Its as pure as it gets.

This short wedding video was made with love and care for a brilliantly luminous couple. Shot with three different cameras and viewpoints in documentary style, its not your usual wedding trailer but a personal diary of a day and night to remember. I edited like it was my personal moments...

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