wedding in the greek mainland

Kalliroi and Yorgos chose one of the most romantic areas in the prefecture of Peloponnese for their wedding.  The medieval city of Monemvasia is one of those best-kept secret destinations of Greece, with its unique character. The flowers that only grow on this rock inspired the colors and atmosphere of the wedding. Spreading under the monolith lies the medieval city with its fortifications, the hidden cobble streets and paved yards. Inside this grand fairytale backdrop, we photographed a wedding to remember by all those who still believe in knights in shining armor and maidens with stars in their eyes…

wedding video monemvasia

wedding photography monemvasia
MONEMVASIA destination wedding
προετοιμασια νυφη
φωτογραφια γαμου μονεμβασια
στεφανα wedding greece

.......flower of monemvasia like the  local song

wedding greece photos
φωτογραφοι γαμου
στεφανι γαμος
προετοιμασια νυφης Lulumeli
φωτο και βιντεο γαμου
καλος φωτογραφος γαμου ελλαδα
μονεμβασια γαμος
foto gamou lulumeli
τραγουδι γαμου lulumeli
μητερα κορη γαμος
photographer wedding greece
φωτο βιντεο γαμου lulumeli
Παπουτσι γαμου lulumeli

with the company of traditional music the wedding procession walks through the castle city...

γαμος μονεμβασια φωτος
μονεμβασια φωτο γαμου
φωτο γαμου lulumeli
μονεμβασια φωτογραφια γαμου
μονεμβασια φωτο γαμου
γαμος μονεμβασια
monembasia gamos
λαζαρετο μονεμβασια γαμος

a fairy tale wedding

monembasia gamos photo
φωτο γαμου αθηνα
postacards monemvasia
βραχος μονεμβασια
ευχες γαμου lulumeli
lazareto wedding lulumeli
photo gamoy
φωτο γαμου Lulumeli

Wedding Location: Monemvasia, Guest List: 350 guests, Photography: Lulumeli, Event Planning, Styling-Decoration: bride & groom,  Floral Styling: Ανθόραμα,  Event Venue & Catering:Εσπερίδες  Drinks: Saint Bernard , Cake + sweets: Άρωμα Σοκολάτας , Stationery: Προσκλητήρια Atelier, e-texnos design,  Wedding Gown: Maria Konidi,  Bride's shoes: Prada, Groom's Suit: Armani, Groom's Shoes: Corneliani, Hair: Aria Hairlishious, Makeup:Stella Karatzoglou , The newlyweds stayed at Lazareto Monemvasia