catholic wedding

The wedding of Borja and Emmy at the The Cathedral Basilica of St. Dionysius the Areopagite (St Dennis)

Gorgeous photography and a beautiful ceremony location in Athens

Photography: Christos Kapatos

video: Christina Ava

catholic wedding athens

the couple prepares

El Novio, Borja chose a classic three piece suit with suspenders. According to Spanish tradition his mother presented the couple with 13 golden coins 'Las arras", that are given then from the groom to the bride in a show of unity, and split of wealth. 

groom catholic
groom athens
las arras lulumeli

la novia

Emilly is la Novia, the bride in Spanish. She chose every detail of her wedding with style and grace. 

bride catholic
getting dressed
bride puts shoes
bride hotel

catholic ceremony in athens

Our favorite photographic memory from the wedding is captured when Emily  stops to fix her shoe strap, as she reaches the church.The Cathedral in downtown Athens is one of the most impressive churches in the city. 

αγιος διονυσιος καθολικος
flowers in church
here comes the bride
wedding guests
αγιος διονυσιος
groom catholic wedding
αγιος διονυσιος
καθολικος γαμος αθηνα
εικονα αγιος διονυσιος
καθολικος γαμος αθηνα
καθολικος γαμος αθηνα

Party by the sea

The venue by the athenian sea, was beautifully decorated in peach and coral tones, a perfect match to the Medditeranean water color.

wedding by sea night
tabletop decoration lulumeli
cake tourta greece
lulumeli wedding photography
wedding decor lulumeli
kiss the bride
our road starts here

"Dance is the timeless interpretation of life. Show me a person who found love in his life and did not celebrate it with a dance"  

Shah Asad Rizvi


feet dancing lulumeli
couple dancing lulumeli
tango couple lulumeli
tabletop flowers greece
wedding decoration
wedding cake lulumeli
party guests wedding

Dance like a Greek

dance wedding party
party greek wedding
wedding party lulumeli athens
wedding party
lulumeli athens wedding party
greek wedding
leaving lulumeli